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HVAC Company Sees 8x Increase in Leads Within First 30 days


Increase in Conversions


Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition


Increase in Conversion rate


A South East HVAC Company wanted to see an increase in qualified leads within 30 days of campaign launch. 


They had no recent paid search campaigns. Therefore, Turn Key Lead was tasked developing a brand new keyword strategy that would target  HVAC leads. Additionally, TKL leaned on their vast database of keywords and HVAC consumer data to develop a targeted audience.


  • The HVAC industry is extremely competitive and the market is ever-changing.

  • Large online companies increase CPC bids across all search engines.


  • Increase conversions while keeping CPA stable

  • The goal was to increase quality of leads over quantity to help reduce operational pressure

  • Create campaigns that could be scalable into other regions


  • We broke out campaigns by state to hyper target location based keywords

  • 75% exact match keyword structure to increase quality of leads

  • 25% phrase match keyword structure to develop scalable keyword expansion

  • Utilized offline revenue data to increase algorithm learnings 

  • Built long-form surveys that qualified leads before submission


  • Increased conversions by 825%

  • Decreased cost per lead by 68%

  • Increased conversion rate by 725%

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