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Digital Marketing Consulting

Need help growing your marketing channels effectively? Learn from industry experts on how to grow your business through digital marketing. 

Digital Marketing Strategy

We build a comprehensive digital media strategy and see it through to the end. This service includes cost projections, outcome projections, and expert market research that allows your business to grow. In short, we give you a blueprint to explode online. 

Optimization & Audits

Do you have a media campaign that is struggling to perform? We are experts at Pay Per Click marketing and can get your campaign back on track in a few sessions. 

Fractional CMO 

Do you need a part-time marketing expert that can take ownership of your marketing efforts? As a Fractional CMO, we will meet regularly, develop marketing strategy, and put in place the right processes and infrastructre to see your business grow year after year.  

1:1 Marketing Training

Are you a marketing manager trying to increase your knowledge of digital media? Or maybe you wanted to learn about marketing to get hired as a PPC specialist? Our 1:1 training sessions give you the knowledge and confidence to excel in digital marketing.  

I am a small business owner working with [Turn Key Lead] on my first PPC campaign. They are professional, extremely detailed, and very consistent with following up to all of my questions. They are like a dedicated employee that works on behalf of my company. I am very impressed with the level of communication, and I firmly believe TKL is going to be a long term marketing solution that will grow my business.""

John S., Detroit

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